Find the right career
for you.

Showcasing the variety of careers available that you might love.

Find the right career
for you.

Showcasing the variety of careers available that you might love.

Advanced Manufacturing


Advanced Manufacturing

Graphic Production Technologies

Careers in graphic arts and printing technology industries. Understanding of printing and manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in the graphic arts and printing technology industries is included.

Machining & Forming Technologies

Careers in machine tool and materials forming industries with understanding of manufacturing processes and systems.

Product Innovation & Design

Careers in the fields of product design and manufacturing with understanding of the design and manufacturing technologies.

Welding & Materials Joining

Careers in welding and related industries with understanding of manufacturing processes and systems.

Advanced Transportation


Advanced Transportation


Careers involving the transportation industry, including but not limited to harbors, ports, warehousing, marine applications, airplanes, trains, vehicles and specialty equipment.

Structural Repair & Refinishing

Careers involving the transportation industry, including but not limited to body and frame straightening, estimating, painting and refinishing included but limited to airplanes, trains, vehicles and equipment.

Systems Diagnostics, Service & Repair

Careers involving the transportation industry which includes but is not limited to motor vehicles, rail systems, marine applications and small-engine and specialty equipment.

Agriculture & AG Tech


Agriculture & AG Tech

Ag Business

In the Agricultural Business pathway, students learn about agricultural business operation and management. Topics include accounting, finance, economics, business organization, marketing, and sales.

Ag Mechanics

Careers that repair, maintain, design engineer, fabricate machinery and equipment for food and fiber production operations.

Ag Technology

Emerging career area that is developing future workforce with the skills and knowledge to navigate emerging on-farm technology.

Animal Science

Careers that work with animals for the production of food and fiber. Also includes equine and related services.

Forestry & Natural Resources

Careers that manage, maintain, and improve wildlife, water resources, and forest health for environmental sustainability.

Food Science

Careers that focus on safety and stability of the food supply. Also includes research, product development, packaging, and compliance for regulations.

Plant Science

Careers that work with plants for the production of food, fiber, and biofuel. Also includes landscape horticulture, ornamental horticulture and floral design.

Business & Entrepreneurship


Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Management

Careers involving management of a company which consists of planning, leading and controlling an organization or effort to accomplish a goal.


Careers involving entrepreneurship (a person who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards) as well as self-employment in which someone works for themselves and/or does freelance work.

Financial Services

Careers involving financial management such as accounting, banking, securities and investments, and other financial specializations.

International Business

Careers involving the purchasing and selling of the goods, commodities and services outside its national borders.


Careers involving market research, economics, marketing budgets, creative development and design and marketing foundations/functions with emphasis on public relations, advertising, branding, promotion, product/service management and pricing and distribution.

Professional Sales

Careers involving personal selling with an emphasis on customer behavior, persuasive presentation of ideas, products and services, and developing sales goals.


Child Development

Careers in the field of child care and development for infants, toddlers and young children.

Consumer Services

Careers in helping customers, including credit counselors, consumer reporters, writers and consumer affairs directors.


Careers in education from prekindergarten through grade twelve.

Family & Human Services

Careers involving family assistance.

Energy, Construction & Utilities


Energy, Construction & Utilities

Architectural Design

Careers in architecture, industrial design and civil engineering.

Cabinetry, Millwork & Woodworking

Careers in cabinet construction, millwork, finish carpentry and furniture making for both production and custom products.

Energy & Power Technology

Careers in the energy and power industries.

Engineering & Heavy Construction

Careers in engineering and heavy industrial construction such as roads, highways and subdivisions.

Engineering Design

Careers in design and production of mechanical, electrical and computer systems.

Engineering Technology

Careers in design, production or maintenance of mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer and electromechanical systems and products.

Environmental Engineering

Careers in design and development processes, equipment and systems that are used to create, monitor, prevent or correct environmental events and conditions.

Mechanical Systems Installation & Repair

Careers in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and appliance installation, maintenance and repair.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Careers in construction and building design, performance and sustainability.


Careers in the wireless and fixed-line communications industries.

Environmental Resources

Careers in environmental resources involve working with environmental goods and services.

Fashion, Arts & Entertainment


Fashion, Arts & Entertainment

Fashion Design & Merchandising

Careers focused on industry awareness, sustainable practices, elements and principles of design, history of fashion, fashion forecasting, textiles and textile products, product knowledge, apparel merchandising, and garment production.

Game Design & Integration

Careers within the game design industry and in related technical fields. Careers are based on using foundational knowledge in game design, animation, graphics and computer software and hardware.

Interior Design

Careers involving the process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

Performing Arts

Careers involving the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist instead of through a secondary physical medium.

Personal Services

Careers involving client consultation such as: barbering, cosmetology, makeup artistry, manicuring, health and safety services or treatments.

Design, Visual & Media Arts

Occupations that use visual art, digital media, and Web-based tools and materials as the primary means of communication and expression. This career pathway requires the development of knowledge and skills in both visual art concepts as well as new and emerging digital processes.

Production & Managerial Arts

Production and Managerial Arts pathway focuses on both the technical skills and the organizational and managerial knowledge necessary to bring arts, media, and entertainment to the public.

Health & Bio Tech


Health & Bio Tech

Health Care & Administrative Services

Careers include site administrators, managers, attorneys, receptionists, secretaries, billing and coding specialists, health informatics technicians, accountants, managers and other knowledge workers that support the process of patient care.

Health Care Operational Support Services

Careers involving providing an environment and support systems for the delivery of health care. Careers could include central supply, facility maintenance, food services, interior decorating, housekeeping, biomedical engineering, epidemiology, social worker, biomedical technicians etc.

Mental & Behavioral Services

Careers involving the mental and behavioral health of people that assists clients on their journey toward better health. Such mental health occupations are: registered nurses, psychologists, etc.

Patient Care

Careers involving the prevention, treatment, management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions.

Public & Community Health

Careers involving environmental health, community health and health education, epidemiology, disaster management and geriatrics.


Careers involving the understanding and solving of biomedical problems and creating products to improve the quality of human life.

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation


Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition

Careers involving the science of food and its relationship to the health and well-being of individuals, industry awareness, food safety and sanitation, workforce and organizational management; food, fitness, wellness; nutritional requirements and processes; food chemistry and technology; research and product development; and marketing and public relations.

Food Service & Hospitality

Careers involving the food service and hospitality industry specifically industry awareness, sanitation and safe food handling, food and beverage production, nutrition, food service management and customer service.

Retail Hospitality & Tourism

Careers involving facets of the hospitality industry involving lodging, travel, tourism, event planning, theme parks, attractions. exhibitions, and recreation

Information & Communication Technologies


Information & Communication Technologies


Careers that involve network analysis, planning and implementation, including the design, installation, maintenance, and management of network systems.

Information Support & Services

Careers involve implementation of computer services and software, support of multimedia products and services, provision of technical assistance, creation of technical documentation and the administration and management of information and communication services.

Software & Systems Development

Careers related to computer science that involve the design, development, implementation, maintenance and management of systems that rely on software programs to satisfy the operational needs of modern business organizations.

Games & Simulation

Careers involving a solid foundational understanding of game design, hardware, graphics and animation.

Public Service


Public Service

Public Safety

Careers involving public safety such as: law enforcement services, homeland and cyber security services and correctional services.

Emergency Response

Careers involving emergency response such as: fire services, emergency medical services, wildland services and emergency management.

Legal Practices

Careers involving all levels of the legal professions.

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